Saturday was the last whole day we spent in Hamburg. On sunday morning we would flew back to Finland so we wanted to do something fun.

Johanna had a good idea to go to photography exhibition which was nearby our hostel. The exhibition had four different photographers whose work we got to see. We all loved the exhibition and all the photographers. After that we were little bit hungry so we decided to get something to eat from café next door. Then we headed to a different part of the city by metro.

In that part of the city there was really beautiful buildings and it was much more quieter than in the part of Hamburg our hostel was at. It was more friendly and safer. We walked around and went to a cool hipster café called Pony Bar and sat there for awhile before we decided to go to eat at Otto's Burger. It was our last dinner together and it was luckily super good!!! Everyone loved their dishes. Later in the evening we took the metro back to our hostel and got little bit lost with it but found our way back! 

Sunday morning we woke up really early and finished packing our stuff. Then a quick breakfast at the hostel and the next stop was Hamburg's airport.

Into the exhibition!

Stunning black & white photos

Fanny <3

Johanna in front of a super huge photograph

Venla looking at the Looking for Love collection
Love letters the artist had collected from people over the years

The exibithion was placed in a cool hall

One of Fannys favourite photos

Girls matching with a photograph

Little snack and hot chocolate from a nearby cafe

Thanks to Ellu, we found our way to really nice part of the town

So cute little bookshop!

Beautiful streets

In the streets were many stumbling blocks as a memorial to those, who were sent to Auschwitz

Our last supper

Venla & Johanna <3

The best damn burgers ever!!! It was delicious

Ellu <3




On Friday morning we went to visit Museum Für Kunst und Gewerbe. It was a really big museum with lots of different sections like for example renaissance, art noveau and more. Our carpenters Ellu and Laura and painter Milla had an assignment to do there so Johanna, Venla and Fanny were free to just wander around. 

In the beginning there was many furnitures made out of recycling materials and those were really cool! It might have been our favourite section of the whole museum. Other sections were cool and modern but sometimes it was hard to recognize when we had stepped in to a new section. Also many sections were quite small and we wished there would have been more to see.

In the second floor we found a fair where people were selling their hand made things like clothing, jewellery, lambs and more. When Johanna and Fanny got into the second floor they noticed a beautiful cardigans and checked them out. Then Johanna looked at the price tag and we backed off silently because the cardigan cost almost one thousand euros (so not quite on our budget).

After two to three hours we were done and went to check out the museums gift shop which was lovely. There were many interesting books, posters and other stuff. Many of us bought few artsy postcards as souvenirs to bring home.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Cool chair made of pieces of wood

Johanna and Fanny fell in love with these car tire stools

Many sculptures had lost their noses :(

There was many different sections

Art Deco section

So pretty lamp!

Johanna enjoying the oriental section of the museum

Beautiful tiles